Category: Stan Jacks
Model: J12000H
Product: Air/Hydraulic rolling jacks
Description: The StanJacks rolling jacks are designed with the technician in mind.  Our Heavy-Duty jacks feature a scissor lifting system for the ultimate in lateral stability.  So it’s no matter if your load is off center the jack will lift the load level.  These jacks all feature very high grade steel and only the highest quality components.  StanJacks are designed to impress.  When you first see your Stan Jack you will be struck by the robustness of the jack.  The parts are extra thick and everything is super duty.  These jacks are designed for durability and performance.


  • 12,000 Lb. Cap
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulics
  • Dual Multi-level safety
  • Dual hand controls (Dead-Man)
  • Stackable adapters, low and high included
  • Can be used on the top of the jack for narrow pick up points
  • Extended lifting height
  • Smooth operation
  • Special roller bearing wheels allow for effortless rolling
  • Convenient pull handle
  • High gloss powder coat paint
  • Zinc plated components and accessories


  • Aboveground LiftsStanjacks are universal so they will fit most every aboveground lift.  Including, Rotary, Challenger, Forward, Stertil-Koni, ARI-HETRA, Giro-Lift, Stenhoj, Mohawk, and many more…

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Low and High (stackable) Adapters shown


J12000H shown with low and high adapters

J12000H- 12,000 Lb. Cap

J15000Hnewfront copysmall

J12000H Shown