Scorpion Installed Tire Service Lifts

Models: TJ12AG Above Ground  -  TJ12SG Semi-In-ground  -  TJ12IG In-Ground

The Scorpion Installed Tire service lifts are an ideal solution for those shops that perform a lot of tire service and Brake Service.  This is an installed version of the ScorpionTJ12 model  service jack and it offers a perfect combination of speed, effeciency, ease of use and value.  The Scorpion Installed lifts are much less expensive than your standard above- ground options or for that matter the in-ground options too.  Most of which are over $20,000.00 WOW!

The Scorpion installed lifts are under $10,000.00 That’s great value.

These jacks are designed to lift the vehicle across the axle using the lifting saddles provided (Low/Med/Hi)

There is a built in lock for safety and other convenience features.

The lifts come with a control station housing the pump unit and a 20 Ft. Remote control so the operator can spot the load.


  • 25,000 Lb. Cap
  • Dual Hydraulic rams for lifting
  • Lift over 20” with a built in safety lock
  • Lift across the axle with the lifting saddles or lift on the frame!
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulics and air motor